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Question 1 1 pts Which formal element did the painter Gustave Caillebot use to separate the upper and lower classes in Paris Street, Rainy Day? O Perspective O Shape O Texture O Color Question 2 1 pts Which of the following statements is a common misconception about Cindy Sherman's body of photographic work? O Her photographs are regularly mistaken for oil paintings She intentionally wants to create Feminist art O All are based on famous works of art from the Italian Renaissance Her photographs are self-portraits

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Question 4 1 pts What part of the Yoruba crown is intended to protect subjects from the power of the king's gaze? O Protruding eyes 0 Ancestor faces 0 Beaded veil 0 Birds

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Question 8 1 pts According to the article, what emotion did Cindy Sherman's Film Stills series evoke? O Confusion O Disgust O Amusement O Anxiety

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Question 10 1 pts What does photographer Cindy Sherman's artistic choices in her Untitled Film Still #92, evoke? O Female submissiveness O Conflict between different social classes O A parent-child relationship O The subject's self-confidence

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2.She intentionally wants to create a feminist art.

4.Beaded Veil


10.female submissiveness

Step-by-step explanation

1.The point of view of the roads and the buildings portrayed allows Caillebotte to use two-point perspective.

2.Sherman remains a feminist icon to many, and her critiques of art, gender, and popular culture continue to inspire new generations of artists around the world.

4.The most important part of a yoruba kings regalia is the crown whose beaded fringe shields the face of the ruler, not only to obscure his identity but also to protect the viewer from the power of the ing's direct gaze.

8. answer is based on the picture

10. answer is based on the picture


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