________ involves the privatization of public enterprise...

________ involves the privatization of public enterprise deregulation of the economy and the downsizing of government Neoliberalism Development Protectionism Colonialism The Cold War Involved absolutely no military combat between the USSR and the USA anywhere in the world Ended when the Soviet Union collapsed at the end of World War II Involved several direct nuclear attacks of the USA by the USSR, and several direct nuclear attacks of the USA by the USSR Was fought primarily through proxy wars in the developing world and a decade-long arms race between USSR and the USA Offshoring is a business practice that involves Imposing import taxes to protect small and new industries Moving production overseas, where labour is cheaper and taxes are lower The establishment of a global minimum wage for all workers around the world Investing in local industries to encourage sustainable economic growth In 1995, the Global Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) became The G7 The World Trade Organization The New International Economic Order The International Trade Court Gunpowder, ocean-going ships and the compass were all invented by the Chinese Incan Egyptian Roman The Bretton Woods Order involved the creation of a set of institutions and systems following _____ intended to promote global interdependence and stability. The Cold War The Great Depression World War I World War II Stegar argues that globalization involves processes of identity transformation. By this he means that People are coming to understand themselves as citizens of global community Many people are being forced to adopt a Western lifestyle in order to benefit from globalization Many people are giving up their citizenship in one country to become citizens of another Rates of migration around the globe are higher than ever before in history Optimistic hyperglobalizers interpret cultural globalizations as Homogenizing set of processes that offer the potential for global unity and peace Homogenizing set of processes that are threatening global cultural diversity A set of processes that are legally irrelevant in the daily lives of most people A hybriding set of processes that are threatening global cultural diversity The phenomenon of cultural hybridization, whereby local and foreign cultural elements are mixed to create a "new" cultural experience is often referred to as Westernization Glocalization Corporation Americanization

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 the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank 




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Capitalism involves private-public sector mergers, deregulation, and reduced government spending Neoliberalism


BWIs (Bretton Woods institutions) like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank were established to ensure a smooth transition of the global economy following World War II.




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