Chancellor Edward B.Fort of NC A&T stated in the documentary that...

Chancellor Edward B. Fort of NC A&T stated in the documentary that A&T and the 1890s were confronted with huge problems.


there was a scarcity of faculty, teachers came from the north, with a missionary zeal to help, and colleges would eventually educate and produce their own faculty



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that there was widespread illiteracy




that the 1890 colleges lacked funding - no direct funding for the new colleges, most colleges only got 10%, and the Act required states to share funding equitably not equally



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Fort sees these problems in the 1890s and with the NC A&T


As part of Fort's thrust for the "globalization" of A&T, he wants new foreign language programs that could bring Russian and Chinese courses, and a project to help build the curriculum at Fort Hare University in Durban, South Africa.


Fort appointed committees to study plans for the new library and the doctorates in engineering. A&T broke ground for the library in November 1988. And since the late '80s, the school has run neck-and-neck with Howard University in turning out the nation's largest number of black engineers.


Fort brought in a staff member of the state Board of Nursing as A&T's dean of nursing. Within a year, the nursing school gained accreditation. Over five years, the passing rate on the nursing exam rose to 100 percent.


He acknowledged that state budget problems have slowed construction and academic expansion at A&T and the other UNC system campuses

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