This renown Egyptian city lost some of its prominence and wealth...

This renown Egyptian city lost some of its prominence and wealth when Akhenaten moved his capital to his new city of Akhetaten.



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City of Akkad, West Asia                 The Yucatan Peninsula

City of Harappa                                 City of Thebes, Egypt

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 City of Thebes, Egypt.





A unified Egypt had been found by Ahmose I with Thebes as its capital. The city remained  as Egyptian capital during the era of the new kingdom. It was at then the center for the newly established professional civil service. Religion and religious centers also flourished in this city. For instance Amenhotep III poured much of his  foreign wealth into the construction of the temples of Amun in this region. When Akhenaten came into power in the period between 1351 and 1334 b.c, Thebes fell on hard times because  he moved the new capital city to Akhenaten. This marked the  city's abandoning by institutions such as courts and the worship of Amun was also proscribed. This led to a continuous downfall of Thebes until the reign of Tutankhamun who returned the capital to Memphis and renewed building projects in Thebes which made her to have more glorious temples and shrines.


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