1.A survey revealed that a substantial proportion of university...

1.     A survey revealed that a substantial proportion of university students were not engaging in regular exercise. In response to a question on regular exercise, 60% of all graduates reported getting no regular exercise, 25% reported exercising sporadically and 15% reported exercising regularly as undergraduates. The next year the University launched a health promotion campaign on campus in an attempt to increase healthy behaviors among undergraduates. To evaluate the impact of the program, the University again surveyed graduates and asked the same questions. The survey was completed by 470 graduates and the following data were collected on the exercise question:


No Regular Exercise Sporatic Regular Total

Number of Students 255 125 90 470

Based on the data, is there evidence of a shift in the distribution of responses to the exercise question following the implementation of the health promotion campaign on campus? Run the test at a 5% level of significance.

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Solution HO; There is no relationship between shirt in distribution of responses and health campaign on campus Ha : A shift in the distribution of response to exercise quartion following implementation of heath promotion. The campaign on campw. PEcentage Oi . E. i 255 470 * 0'6= 202 - 27 729 2. 6 25 125 470X0.25= 1145 7.5 56.2 13 90 470*0 15 = 70.5 19.5 3802 5.4 Total .470 470 85 TEST Statute :, X 2 = 2 ( 0; - Ei) 2 / Ei x 2 8:5 lost criteria The reject null by pothood if X2 7 x 3( 9, n- 1) Critical value x2(301 05,31 = X3 (0 05, 2)= 5991 from thi square table ) Therefore $ 8 575. 991 Conclusion = Reject null hypothesis Therefore we have sufficient evidence to condude that a shift in the distribution of response to exercise question following implementation of health promotion campaign in campus