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Question. The nurse would be most concerned about which statement made by a hospitalized client with pancreatitis who is receiving total parenteral nutrition (TPN)?

1 "I will need to be on TPN for the rest of my life."

2 "Since TPN is just plain fluid, I can start and stop the pump as I please."

3 "TPN has less nutrition than a regular meal."

4 "I will gain weight with TPN."

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2 "Since TPN is just plain fluid, I can start and stop the pump as I please."

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This is the most critical statement that the nurse would be concerned with because it is important to keep track of all fluids infusing. It is not advisable to stop or disrupt the TPN for it may cause hypoglycemia. When enteral nutrition has been re-established, either orally or via other enteric routes such as an enteral feeding tube or an enterostomy, TPN may be stopped. TPN can be discontinued completely if more than 70% of nutritional requirements can be fulfilled by oral or enteral means. Therefore the patient is not allowed to start and stop it at their own plea.                                                                                           Reference                                                                                  Casas, M., Mora, J., Fort, E., Aracil, C., Busquets, D., Galter, S., ... & Farré, A. (2007). Total enteral nutrition vs. total parenteral nutrition in patients with severe acute pancreatitis. Revista Espanola de Enfermedades Digestivas, 99(5), 264.