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Scenarios 1. You notice a man lying on the street in the foetal position. A passer-by tells you that the man had been hit in the stomach. Outline the steps you would follow to treat an abdominal injury.

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1. The first step to do to the patient is loosen his clothing in order to examine the area of injury and have a clear look at the status of the abdomen for any open wound or laceration.
2. Lay the man down in recovery position or a position to ease pain as I examine the site of injury. Control any bleeding if there is any.
3. Place the main in fetal position where the legs are elevated or the legs are bent.
4. Ensure that the man takes nothing by mouth or eat anything.
5. Call an ambulance in the meantime or seek medical care in the nearest medical facility in the vicinity as soon as possible.
6. If the client's pain is relieved, laying the the client on the recovery position again is effective or the lateral position before medical intervention is offered in the clinical facility.

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For a client with an abdominal injury, the following steps should be carried before going to the hospital as first aid remedy. Ensure you loosen clothes to enhance circulation on the site of injury, place the client in recovery position, ensure that the client does not eat anything by mouth and seek for medical advice from the nearest medical facility in the vicinity.