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 . (1 point) A furniture company makes bar stools, tables, and...

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 . (1 point) A furniture company makes bar stools, tables, and...


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(1 point) A furniture company makes bar stools, tables, and chairs. Each bar stool requires 1 hour of labor, 8 feet of wood, and 0.2 gallons of stain. Each chair requires 4 hours of labor, 16 feet of wood, and 0.4 gallons of stain. Each table requires 2 hours of labor, 32 feet of wood, and 0.5 gallons of stain. Each week, the company has 500 hours of labor, 3360 feet of wood, and 60 gallons of stain. The company makes $10 in profit per bar stool, $25 in profit per chair, and $35 in profit per table. In order to maximize their profit, the furniture company should make bar stools per week, chairs per week, tables per week. What is the maximum profit? This strategy will leave unused hours of labor per week, unused feet of wood per week, and gallons of stain per week....


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