Imani is excited - she has been working on her 4th year thesis project

focused on food security and children's health, and the data has been yielding some very interesting findings. For many years, Gritsburg had been a struggling neighbourhood in the large metropolitan city of Gourmandeville due to years of economic downturns and the decline of the manufacturing sector. Public health officials had expressed concern about how challenging it was for Gritsburg residents to access healthy foods, as the only places to buy food in the community itself were fast-food outlets, pubs selling mainly burgers-and-fries type of fare, and corner stores were stocked with chips, candies, doughnuts, ice cream and confectionary. In addition, there was very little public green space in the neighbourhood, and the few facilities that did exist were poorly maintained. Gritsburg residents had lobbied the Gourmandeville City Council to invest in the neighbourhood with little success. A few years ago, a multi-national corporation convinced the council to allow them to build luxury condominiums and associated upscale eateries and shopping in Gritsburg, gentrifying the area, resulting in numerous evictions and rendering it unaffordable for many long-time residents. Obesity Index Many ended up moving to the adjacent 2 DA neighbourhood of Hautainquartier, an area replete with parks, green spaces, food 1.5 outlets and supermarkets that sell fruits and vegetables - in many ways, a 'healthier' neighbourhood than Gritsburg had been (though not as affordable). 0.5 Imani's project has her investigating the impact of the move on the health of children from Gritsburg, and she is comparing a number of health-related Before After measurements from children before they moved from Gritsburg to Hautainquartier (before'), and 3 years after they moved ('after'). She's selecting some data to feature on her poster for Thesis Poster Day, and has misplaced the figure legend that goes with this graph. She'll have to go back to her notes to remind herself what 'A' and 'B' indicate. What do you think 'A' and 'B' could be, and what would your interpretation of the data be in that case?

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A and B demonstrate food insecurity and health consequences. A - very low food insecurity/. B-high food insecurity (fast food intake/unhealthy food intake).



In this graph, results show that residents of Gitsberg had fast food, unhealthy and very poor before moving to Hautainquartier, or we may say no nutritious food so their health status was not good and weight gained extremely. Therefore, in 'before' case B outcome is more compared to A but after moving to Hautainquartier where there were green places and healthy food(fruits and vegetables) selling it n markets, health status of Gitsberg residents is altered and A outcome in 'after' shows good outcome compared to B.

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