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d) All of the above Question 3 (1 point) Restoring market efficiency: a) Is always sufficient, without additional policies that must be implemented, to guarantee sustainable outcome b) Is not always sufficient to produce sustainability, and additional policies must be implemented to guarantee sustainable outcomes c) Will not typically represent a move toward sustainability O d) A and C Question 4 (1 point)

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Efficiency is not a guarantee of long-term viability. Some of the most efficient routes are not long-term viable. While at the same time, there is no logical reason why an economy cannot be both sustainable and efficient, according to theory.


thus choice c is correct, that is will not typically represent a move toward sustainability

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The efficiency of an economy does not ensure the sustainability of that economy. Biodiversity's "safe minimum standard" (SMS) highlights the practical activities that may be made to boost economic sustainability's chance There are several ways in which extinction undermines sustainability, including the loss of key ecosystems and the loss of species that may have become valuable resources in the future. Unless the costs of preservation are prohibitive or other societal aims must take precedence, species extinction should be avoided whenever it is physiologically possible. Many nations' policies are in line with the SMS, including the United States. There has been a paucity of money for implementation in the United States, at least. A tax on the use of natural resources might provide funds for initiatives aimed at improving the economic viability of communities.