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Question 4 (1 point) v' Saved There is generally a good case for government intervention for pollution control: 0 a) Only for stock pollutants O b) Only for fund pollutants @ c) For both stock and fund pollutants Q d) Because firms attempting to unilaterally control their pollution could be at a competitive disadvantage

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Option  C is correct

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Governments are the ideal major players of environmental protection since they possess both the political will and dollar to fund eco-conservation enterprises. Governments are national diplomatic agencies that have the ability to forge internationally binding agreements to protect the environment and delay damage

Stock pollutants: Pollutants that the environment has little or no absorptive capacity is called stock pollutants (eg. persistent synthetic chemicals, non-biodegradable plastics, and heavy metals). 

Fund pollutants are those for which the environment has some absorptive capacity

To reduce Stock pollutants and Fund pollutants, the government can use four main policies - tax to raise the price, subsidies alternatives, regulations to ban certain pollutants and pollution permits.