How has the pandemic impacted energy use? Find an article from a...

How has the pandemic impacted energy use? 

Find an article from a reputable news source that discusses this environmental issue.  Include a link to the article at the beginning of your post (your article must be from the last three months).  do not talk about covid19.

you MUST

  • Discuss the pandemic and how it has impacted the use of energy and the environment.
  • Discuss the local and global impact of this issue.
  • Identify one action item that people can take post-pandemic to have a positive impact on energy use.
  • Explain how individuals can become more informed about this issues.

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The greatest demand is destroyed and the everyday consumption of oil is decreased, allowing oil prices to plunge and diverge from usual trends of transport and energy usage. The pollution of all products that impact air pollution and climate change make a significant difference. There would be a significant change in public wellbeing when individuals inhale less emissions. In things like transportation and aviation, which add to global pollution, there are the highest percentage declines. The coal industry is diminishing and the renewable energy market is rising. It has highlighted serious environmental injustices related to both the consumption of oil and access to energy. In moments of crisis, global disparity of energy availability is most acutely apparent. Workers and tax receipts from the unconventional output of oil and gas.


A global decrease in oil consumption has followed the pandemic. Global demand for coal was severely affected, declining by almost 8 percent relative to other years. The only cause of growth in demand, powered by greater generation capacity and preference dispatch, was renewables. As a consequence of lockdown measures, energy consumption was drastically decreased, with turn impacts on the energy mix, whereas gas demand was moderate, at about 2%, as fuel economies were not heavily affected.


Diversifying the production of electricity and reducing reliance on imported oil will help to create energy that generates no greenhouse carbon dioxide emissions and decreases certain forms of air pollution. These will help generate economic growth and employment in construction and installation.

Energy preferences can be affected by individuals' political, economical, environmental, and social influences. Individuals should measure the effect of energy to determine that insights are learned to guide future strategies and analyze how the overall use of electricity in homes varies in relation to it.