As you read over the socialization agents such as peer groups, education,

media, religion, family etc state which agent do you think has the most influence on a person today (other than the family) and why. 

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Those techniques in which the community tries to teach everyone how to act are institutionalization. Individuals acquire behavioral conventions and establish their particular unique personalities via socializing.


The media

The mainstream media serves a vital interpersonal purpose as a social institution. First and foremost, the corporate press supplies individuals with facts. Individuals use this knowledge to give a visual representation on which they frame actual realities. Such manufactured realism aids persons in modeling and exhibiting required behavior and forms part of the knowledge at which humans create the understanding of reality wherein they execute their behaviors. Furthermore, the modern press offers folks ideals, standards, ideals, and representations that they can utilize in their role as social actors. Ultimately, individual personality is shaped and maintained by the press.

Individuals can build their distinctive concept of individual character as individuality and a communal figure via engagement with the mainstream press. Identification is a mental and communal requirement, as it promotes individual growth and social harmony. The issue would be that the teaching channels can affect a cohesive orientation and, on either hand, of causing damage.

The majority of mainstream indoctrination seems to be an unspoken training and development operation. Intellectual stimulation, which seems to be the act of imprinting permanent psychotherapy, involves normative beliefs resulting from witnessing another, has been enabled by multimedia and indoctrination by families, friends, and wider culture.