Discuss how criminal investigations in the future will likely be...

Discuss how criminal investigations in the future will likely be more complex and global than in the past. What factors may make this statement true? Discuss one type of crime that has emerged within the past three (3) years and has significantly impacted criminal investigations and how.

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Discuss how criminal investigations in the future will likely be more complex and global than in the past. What factors may make this statement true?


Due to the advent of technology and globalization the bounds of what criminals can do in the past century has vastly evolved. From what were common crimes of theft, burglary, and robbery which were easily investigated by going to a particular crime scenes, now crimes such as internet fraud, identity theft, and financial theft has become the most prevalent crimes committed in the world. Not only this, existing crimes such the sale of illegal drugs have been imparted with technological improvements such as the use of drones as drug mules compared to the traditional human transport and the money laundering of these criminal syndicates through the use of other internet transactions and crypto currency which governments have found difficulty in policing. With respect to globalization, crimes which were then localized have started to be committed in a transnational scheme which ignores state borders and leaves law enforcement forces with limited jurisdiction to find evidence or even apprehend identified criminals as they easily escape prosecution by moving from one place or another or by hiding incriminatory evidence in other territories or countries where local law enforcement does not have jurisdiction or power to investigated. As such, it may be said that the advent of massive technological advancements and the rapid increase in globalization has resulted to the fact that crimes are harder to investigated now than it was a decade or two ago. To illustrate this, criminals investigation right now involving computer fraud does not actually have a crime scene. What makes matters worse is the fact that high-tech criminals are greatly able to conceal their identities and cover their tracks when they commit crimes online. As such, traditional investigation techniques such as interrogation, crime scene investigation, forensic analysis, and even covert surveillance has failed to address crimes committed through the internet or through the use of computer algorithms. In order to adapt to these changes, law enforcement and investigative agencies have started equipping their respective institutions which equally skilled technical personnel who are able to crack down these criminals through the use of digital technology. Another implication with respect to investigation is the development of wide systems of syndicate groups. A decade ago, the only problem of criminal investigators is looking into the smuggling schemes of Drug Cartels importing drugs through the borders of a country. Now, with technological advancement and the use of political influence and power, the smuggling of illegal articles may be done through independent air strips of unregistered aircrafts, submarines which are able to evade Coast Guard detection, and even political and police corruption of not only one state but a system of states. These means that unlike criminal organizations before which operate in one country or at a maximum of two neighboring countries, organized crimes have reached a globalized staged where syndicate groups coordinate with one another even when they belong from different continents. This clearly changes the way criminal investigators approach a case as usually jurisdiction of a law enforcement agency is limited to the territory of the country and without an agreement with another country or a treaty, these investigations cannot push through. These all show how both the advent of massive technological advancement and the heavy globalization of the world has made it way harder for criminal investigations to be successful and in cases when it is successful, has required tremendous resources and technology to be so.

Discuss one type of crime that has emerged within the past three (3) years and has significantly impacted criminal investigations and how.


The most recently developed crime which garnered notoriety is the sudden rise of what is termed as "High-tech crimes". In essence, a high-tech crime is a type of a cybercrime wherein "high-tech" criminals use electronic and digitally based technology in order to attack computer systems. These crimes are done by different programs, software's, viruses, or malwares which allows the criminal to access private and confidential information in another persons, entity, or corporation's computer database or system. These crimes are done with the primary motive to compromise the security system of another persons computer or device and have unauthorized access to qualified and confidential information which usually pertain to financial information. By accessing and gaining control of different computer systems, high-tech criminals are able to use your private information, data, and financial records to commit acts such as identity theft, unauthorized transfer of funds, and even the theft of bank accounts for their financial gain. Due to the rise of these types of crimes, law enforcement agencies have drastically restructured their offices in order to create what is commonly called a "Cybercrime" division. This is done acknowledging the fact that old investigative divisions such as undercover agents, criminal detectives, and forensic scientist does not offer any solution in these solving these crimes and identifying or prosecuting these high-tech criminals. As such, the manner of investigation now is the creation of Information Technology investigative units comprised of individuals who are highly skilled in digital technology, computer systems security, and are even capable of hacking. The reason for such is the fact that the only way to combat these technologically skilled criminals is by having a dedicated unit which is equally capable of developing programs which trace internet activity of the one seeking unauthorized entry in a computer or server system, be able to identify and protect a computer system from potential breaches, and the development of sound security measures both for private and public institutions. As of now, most of the law enforcement agencies have started hiring computer specialist and has amended their cybersecurity protocols. It should be noted that it is only since the advent of these so-called high-tech crimes that investigative agencies have since created considerable institutional and organizational changes in their departments. 


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