After reading the Case Study on Module 3, Topic 1, "New Jersey Couple

Held in Abuse; One Son, 19, Weighed 45 Pounds," ( answer the following questions.

1. Describe the types of abuse and neglect occurring in this case study.
2. List and describe the components of an appropriate multidisciplinary approach to this scenario.

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child abuse

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Types of Abuse and Neglect
i. Emotional abuse
The boys when through emotional abuse and neglect. This is the emotional maltreatment. The foster parents rejected to acknowledge them and fulfil their legitimate needs. They were isolated cutting them from the social society while terrorizing them verbally. Children were ignored depriving the essential stimulation for intellectual and emotional growth.
Physical abuse
The boys were subjected to physical maltreatment that brought harm to their health and survival. Their weight deteriorated.
They children experienced a variety of neglect in areas such as education, health, emotional development, nutrition and living conditions. They were isolated from the social realm of the society locked out of the kitchen to deny them food.
Components of appropriate multidisciplinary approach
The multidisciplinary team approach has been on far front in dealing with cases regarding child abuse and neglect. The components of multidisciplinary team approach include: 
i. Decision making: they make relevant decision on how to help the child come out of the trauma of abuse and possible ways of dealing with the case. 
ii. Information sharing: The multidisciplinary team share relevant information regarding the effects and consequences of child abuse and neglect. 
iii. Support: They offer support to the child, helping them to come out of the trauma of child abuse. 
iv. Planning: The multidisciplinary team make planning on the ways to help the child recover both psychological, socially and emotionally.
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