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Question 8 (Mandatory) (10 points) Thinking about your future career and working in the world of healthcare, describe a situation in which both critical and creative thinking would help you solve a problem. In one well written paragraph, clearly explain how each one of these two types of thinking would be helpful in the situation. A/

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Critical & creative thinking skills are significant elements in the healthcare industry to provide high-quality services for the patients. It aims to provide intelligent choices and methodical decision-making process to ensure the health and safety of various individuals. It is the process of adapting information and conducting evaluation before choosing the perfect option to address the needs of the patient. When a patient is suffering from a serious disease, critical & creative thinking will contribute to the proper analysis and interpretation to attain excellent outcomes for the patient. It is prioritizing problem-solving skills to determine the proper concern & treatment for the consumers to guarantee the success of the operation.


Lack of critical and creative thinking skills in the healthcare sector can result to death and failed operations because of insufficient preventive solutions and medical management. These skills will enable the medical practitioners to accurately diagnose the problem & will result to proper innovative & outstanding clinical system. Critical and creative thinking skills will enhance the quality of the organization and will boost customer service performance through proper scrutinizing & investigation of the medical representatives while identifying possible solutions to the various problems of the patients to meet and attain customer satisfaction and expectations.

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I indicated all the necessary benefits and advantages of critical and creative thinking skills that will contribute to the success of each operation in the medical field to ensure quality services for the existing and potential clients of the organization. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. Thank you.