ARGU For the ARGR method of organization, you Arouse reader...


For the ARGR method of organization, you Arouse reader interest, Refute opposing arguments, Give proof to support your argument, and Urge reader action. Read the  following situations and complete the assignent.

- You plan to sell a falsh drive. For a sales letter, write five different introductions to arouse reader interest using any of the options provided in this class.

- Write a body that refutes opposing arguments (too expensive, easily damaged, easily lost, etc.) and that gives proof to support your product claims.

- In the sales letter for the flash drive, conclude by urging reader action. Use at least two of the methods

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Where do you store your back-up files or the back-up for your back-up files? In this day and age where hacking and malicious wares are rampant, flash drives are necessary to store your back-up files where you have them ON-HAND and can physically oversee your most important files.


They say that flash drives can easily be misplaced or stolen. Let it be reminded that you can store/back-up your files for not just one, two, but more flash drives! And you can access them anytime and anywhere without the anxiety of being hacked! 


This is for your protection. Buy now!

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People are easily persuaded through entertainments, particularly through emotions. Emphasize the Cause Marketing Strategy for this Flash Drive --- by showing them "why it is important to have them".