You have studied your company's carbon footprint as it prepares to

go to net-zero carbon emissions.  Over the last five years, your research shows that none of the company's internal targets have been met.  You have to make a presentation to senior management telling them about the findings of your study.
Using complete sentences with appropriate spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and word choice, explain in detail five things you would have to do to prepare for this presentation.

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The first thing that I need to do is to make sure that the details about the research that I have conducted were accurate and complete. This adds up to the validity of my research regardless of its result and that it will answer all the queries they might ask me. After completing all the data I have gathered, the next proper thing to do is to study them for it will give me answers to the most pressing questions in the presentation considering that a lot of time and resources have been spent on the said research. Once I am equipped of every knowledge about the conducted research, I need to make an extreme holistic preparation for the presentation. After this, I need to find silverlinings in the different aspect of the research as it is possible that it still possesses answers to minor concerns other than the carbon footprint. By this way, I will be able to give them something in return that will prove that the research is not just a waste of time and resources.

Step-by-step explanation

The given scenario is a really difficult situation to be at because many time and money have surely been spent on that research. Nevertheless, the best thing to do is to be well-prepared in holistic aspect, mentally, physically, and emotionally. By this way, you will be equipped with the knowledge that you will be presenting and you can answer their questions regardless of the pressuring situation that you are into.