You have studied your company's carbon footprint as it prepares to...

You have studied your company's carbon footprint as it prepares to go to net zero carbon emissions.  Over the last five years, your research shows that none of the company's internal targets have been met.  You have to make a presentation to senior management telling them about the findings of your study.

1. Explain in detail five things you would have to do to prepare for this presentation.

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Step 1: Determine who the target audience is.
Learning more about the audience to whom you'll be speaking is the first stage in preparing a presentation. It's a good idea to get some background information on your audience's backgrounds, values, and interests so you know what they might expect from your presentation. Learn more about the senior management team in this instance.


Step 2: Decide on a topic.
Next, if at all practicable, choose a topic that both the audience and you are interested in. It will be lot easier to give a presentation that the audience finds interesting, and researching a topic that interests you will be more pleasurable.
The findings on the company's carbon footprint as it prepares to convert to net zero carbon emissions will be the subject of the presentation. Internal goals that will be met if everything is done correctly.


Step 3: Establish the presentation's goal.
Once a topic has been chosen(that none of the company's internal targets have been met), write the presentation's goal in a single simple phrase. The goal should state exactly what you want your audience to take away from your presentation. Based on the amount of time you have for the presentation and the audience's background knowledge, determine the objective and content level. As you study and develop the presentation, use this phrase to help you stay focused.


Step 4: Prepare the presentation's body.
Determine how much material you can offer in the time allotted after you've defined the goal of your presentation. Also, make advantage of your knowledge of the audience to design a presentation that is detailed enough. You don't want to create a presentation that is either too simple or too complex.
The presentation's body is where you present your thoughts. You'll need to show and support your points to make them compelling. The following are some suggestions to assist you:
Data and facts currently available
Expert quotes can be found here.
Personal experiences should be related.
Give detailed descriptions.


Step 5: Write the introduction and conclusion of your research.
Decide how you'll start and end the presentation when you've finished preparing the body. Make sure your audience's attention(senior management team) is captured in the beginning, and that your main arguments are summarized and reiterated in the end.

It's critical to grab the audience's attention and pique their interest in the first few minutes of your presentation. If you don't, the senior management team will divert their attention away from you, and you'll have a hard time regaining it.

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