Sanjay is one of five people that report directly to you. He has...

Sanjay is one of five people that report directly to you.  He has been an excellent employee for the last four years.  Recently, he has been coming to the office late, missing deadlines, and producing poor quality work.  You decide that he is going to be put on probation for three months.  At the end of this period, he will be taken off probation if he improves, or terminated if he does not.
Answer the following question(s) using complete sentences with appropriate spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and word choice.

1. Identify two appropriate channels for this message to be delivered to Sanjay.
2. Explain why these channels are appropriate.
3. Explain how ACE would help you create and deliver this message.

Answer & Explanation
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1.  I think Face to face communication and Emails Are appropriate channels to be delivered to Sanjay.
2. Because speaking face to face is an excellent way to get complex or sensitive message across or brainstorm with a group of coworkers and Emails because emails are a great replacement for outdated written communication methods, like letters and memos, as they offer more security. 

Step-by-step explanation

2.• you can have a simple face to face  conversation from your desk, or schedule a formal meeting in a conference room ahead of time. 
•by using your professional email address to speak to your team, you can often indicate the importance of a message by flagging a message as urgent.