Your team has to make and execute a 10 minute presentation.  During

the presentation, Pablo speaks for 5 minutes when you had expected him to speak for 2.5 minutes.  You cut out some of the content in your summary so that the presentation meets the 10 minute time requirement.  After the presentation, Pablo feels that the team did very well while you feel that the presentation could have been better.
Answer the following questions using complete sentences with appropriate spelling, grammar, sentence structure and word choice.
1. Explain in detail, with reasoning, what type of conflict you think this is - Affective or Cognitive.
2. How would you respond to Pablo?
3. What would you do to prevent this from happening in the future?

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1. In the give case or example, it can be manifested and evidenced based on the issue arising from a personal scale which causes the conflict. Affective conflict can be determined in the scenario as one individual argues on a personal level about a certain controversy rather than arguing for the solution itself. The viewpoint, opinions and perspectives are gleaned in a way that is thwarted towards another person rather than the resolve needed to address a certain issue.


2. In response to the actions of Pablo, the material things needed to be communicated must be communicated as to address the mistake that Pablo consumated which caused to tilt the potential of the group activity. In this manner, the significant adjustments can be done in the future to avoid any unnecessary issue or conflict that may arise relative to group or team activities which should be conducted in a deliberate and organized manner.


3. To address the issue or problem, it is very important to comminicate things and cascade necessary and incidental information that is needed in a group or team activity to balance things out and to ensure that the presentation or contention of the group will be delivered in a way that will give due credence to each member. Proper planning, setting of parameters and guidelines and distribution of labor should be considered and in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts or problem it is also significant to review and conduct a group based synthesis on the proposed final output to ensure that each member of a certain group will be guided accordingly.

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