1.   the discussion of some of the conditions that make it more or

less likely that self-disclosure will lead to liking and relational closeness. Which of these conditions do you think are most important, and why? Do you agree that people tend to disclose more online than in face-to-face contexts? Why or why not?
 2.  several studies suggesting that most close relational partners consider certain topics to be "taboo" and keep certain secrets from each other. Based on your personal experiences, do you agree or disagree? What types of topics are taboo in your relationships?
  3. How hard is it for you to keep a secret? Do you agree with the idea that attempts to suppress thoughts about a secret actually make it harder to keep the secret?

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1. According to social penetration theory, the process of getting to know another person is characterized by a reciprocal sharing of personal information. People are more selective about how much they share with others in the early stages of a relationship. You'll probably be more hesitant to share your emotions, goals, ideas, desires, fears, and memories in the early stages of a friendship, a working partnership, or a romantic relationship. Your degree of self-disclosure will increase as the relationship progresses as you begin to share more and more with the other person. I also agree that people tend to disclose more online than in face-to-face because some are not comfortable exposing themselves, their faces but still they want to share something, and this may be the reason why they disclose easier on online platforms since their identity, or faces cannot be exposed. And they are much more comfortable. 


2. I disagree, I think it wouldn't help to keep secrets from your partner since you're both in a relationship you should grow together with yourself. If you want something, better tell it to your partner, whether you want to handle it alone or with your partner. They should understand this. The following are some of the topics that are considered taboo in a relationship:

  • Money
  • Career goals
  • Friends of the opposite sex
  • Past relationship
  • Sex
  • Communication styles
  • Habits
  • Family

3. It's hard to keep a secret. One reason secret-keeping is such hard work is that secrets, like unwanted thoughts, tend to take up more brain space the more one tries not to think about them. But not everyone is equally prone to this self-defeating cycle. Researchers have identified a small class of "repressors," who experience fewer intrusive thoughts about sensitive information they are suppressing: these clandestine elites may keep their secrets so tightly wrapped that they manage to hide them even from themselves

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