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Question 3 (a) Using the data below, determine the build-up rate...

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Question 3 (a) Using the data below, determine the build-up rate...

Question 3
(a) Using the data below, determine the build-up rate (in cost/m2) for a 150 mm thick Grade 25 concrete floor slab. (The formwork and reinforcement shall be measured separately).
(14 marks)

(b) Discuss the difficulties in building up the rate.
(6 marks)


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Assume the following data in Table Q3 for your computation: 1 Materials Remarks 1.1 Cost of G25 concrete $180/m 1.2 Waste 5% 2 Labour 2.1 Spread & level 0.3mh/m 2.2 Vibration & compaction 0. 1mh/m 2.3 All-in labour rate $40/mh 3 Plant 3.1 Pump rate 15m3/hr 3.2 Pump rental $120/hr 4 Mark-ups 4.1 Overheads and profit 10% Table Q3...

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