1.) Imagine a construction worker earning minimum wage with no...

1.) Imagine a construction worker earning minimum wage with no additional benefits from the employer, no security of tenure from his work and can be terminated any time of the day. What can cooperatives and trade unions do to improve his condition?

2.) Now, you are aware that cooperatives and trade unions are vital institutions in the economy that foster self-help and self-reliance. Soon, if given a chance, what role do you prefer to play, an employee or an employer? Why? How would you promote the importance of cooperatives and trade union?


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1. In this situation, the trade unions and cooperatives should work as one and addressed the issue of the construction worker in terms of their salary wages, benefits, safety, and promotion in their work because they also suffered in their lives and they earned little amount for their family that is not enough to them sometimes and also they were forced to work overtime and late giving of their wages, assuming that they even have the confidence to raise the issue, The union work on a principle that if all workers speak with the same voice, their concerns are more likely to be addressed.
2. If I were given a chance, I would choose for the employer, I'd rather be an employer and I will listen to the people or workers that are mostly unseen like the construction workers that are really working hard for their family, I should give them increase salary, I made sure that they work safely and benefits like insurance in case that there something happens to them.



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My explanation here is the difficulty of the workers and how they strive to fed their family and this should be addressed and discuss the concerns with the management and encourage new members to join by organizing and build an active membership, as this gives the unions stronger bargaining power in negotiations to the employers.