Protections in the Bill of Rights

Amendment Right or Provision
1st Religious freedom
  Establishment clause
  Free exercise clause
  Free expression
  Right to free speech
  Freedom of the press
  Right to assembly
  Right to petition government
2nd Right to bear arms
3rd Consent to quarter soldiers
4th Rights of the accused: Investigation stage
  Search and seizure clause
  Warrants require probable cause
5th Rights of the accused: Arrest stage
  Grand jury guarantee
  No double jeopardy
  Right against self-incrimination
  Due process guarantee
  Takings clause
6th Rights of the accused: Trial stage
  Right to a speedy, public trial
  Right to an impartial jury
  Right to be informed of charges
  Right to be confronted by accusers
  Subpoena power
  Right to counsel
7th Right to trial by jury
8th Rights of the accused: Penalty stage
  No excessive bail
  No cruel and unusual punishment
9th Retains other rights for the people
10th Undelegated powers left to states or people

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