Tackle the LSAT with confidence by using two simple strategies. These LSAT strategies help you get your best test score by showing you how not to waste time on hard questions. You'll gain the time you need to get the right answers to the easier questions.

Use the following system to mark your LSAT answer sheet.

The plus-minus strategy on the LSAT

  1. Answer easy questions immediately.
  2. Place a "+" in your question booklet next to problems that seem solvable but are too time-consuming; mark a guess on your answer sheet and go on to the next question.
  3. Place a "-" in your question booklet next to any problem that seems impossible. Then take a guess on your answer sheet and move on.

Act quickly. Don't waste time deciding whether a problem is a "+" or "-". And always record an answer on your answer sheet before you move on to the next question, even if you're just guessing.

After working all the problems you can do immediately, go back and work your "+" problems. If you finish them, try your "-" problems (sometimes when you come back to a problem that seemed impossible, you'll suddenly realize how to solve it).

Your question booklet should look something like this after you finish working the easy questions:






Remember: You don't have to erase the pluses and minuses you made on your question booklet. And be sure to fill in all your answer spaces — if necessary, with a guess. Because there's no penalty for wrong answers, leaving an answer space blank makes no sense. And, of course, remember that you may work in only one section of the test at a time.

The elimination strategy for the LSAT

Take advantage of being allowed to mark in the test booklet. As you eliminate an incorrect answer choice from consideration, mark it out in your question booklet as in the following example:






Notice that some choices that aren't crossed out are marked with question marks, signifying that they are possible answers. This technique will help you avoid reconsidering those choices you have already eliminated and will help you narrow down your possible answers.

You don't need to erase these marks in your testing booklet.

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