You've spent weeks, maybe even months, preparing for the GRE. Here are some final tips for taking the exam.

Before the Exam

  • Spend the last week of preparation primarily on reviewing already completed problems, some basic skills, strategies, techniques, and directions for each area.

  • Carefully review the sections on taking the GRE CBT and the general strategies.

  • Do a quick review of each of the question types and the specific strategies.

  • Don't cram the night before the exam. It's a waste of time.

  • Make sure that you are familiar with the testing center location and nearby parking facilities.

At the Exam

  • Arrive at the exam location and check in at least 30 minutes before your scheduled testing time.

  • Remember to bring a valid photo-bearing ID, your score-recipient information, your authorization voucher (if you requested one from ETS), and a few pencils to the exam.

  • Guess if a problem is too difficult or takes too much time. If possible, try to eliminate one or more of the answer choices before guessing.

  • Take advantage of having the scratch paper. Do calculations, redraw diagrams, note eliminated choices, or simply make helpful notes.

  • Make sure that you are answering "what is being asked" and that your answer is reasonable.

Pop Quiz!

Which of the following was correctly solved by using the completing the square process?

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