Know what not to do at the ACT test site. At the ACT test site, strict rules apply; violating ACT rules will get you kicked out, and your test won't be scored.

Why all the rules? It's so everyone who takes the ACT has an even opportunity to show how much he or she has learned at school. The rules also minimize cheating and ensure that each person's test score is valid.

Be on your best behavior while at the test center:

  • Follow all instructions and comply with the rules of the test center
  • Keep your voice and behavior in check: Don't be loud, unruly, confrontational, or threatening to anybody.
  • Don't draw attention by creating any sort of disturbance.

Save your butt. Remember these rules while taking the ACT test:

  • Don't bother bringing these forbidden items to the test center: highlighters, colored pens or pencils, scratch paper, notes, dictionaries, or other study aids. Use only your brain, a Number 2 pencil, and a good eraser to answer the questions.
  • Turn off all alarms, cell phones, and other electronic gadgets while in the test room.
  • After the proctor calls the end of the test, put down your pencil and
    • Don't continue to fill in or erase ovals.
    • Don't finish writing the essay even if you're in mid-sentence.
    • Don't look back at your test even if it's "just for a sec!"
  • Don't cheat by
    • Peeking at what's ahead in the test book.
    • Eyeballing someone else's test book or answer document.
    • "Helping" someone with an answer or asking for an answer.
  • Don't misuse your calculator:
    • Be sure to bring a calculator that is specifically permitted by the ACT. Some types are prohibited.
    • Never share a calculator with another test-taker.
    • Use your calculator just on the Mathematics Test, never on any other ACT test.
  • Don't use any type of device (electronic or otherwise) to share or exchange information. This applies at all times during the test and during breaks.
  • Don't take anything from the test room that's related to the test, whether it's test questions or answers.

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