The Really Irregular Verbs

Some verbs are so irregular that the infinitive of the verb looks nothing like its conjugated forms. One of the most irregular verbs in Spanish—ir, which means “to go” (see Table )—is also the most common, so you see the conjugated forms of this verb often. Notice that the entire verb looks like the ‐ir infinitive ending. However, it is conjugated nothing at all like a normal ‐ir verb. Be aware that each conjugation in the chart below is the entire form of the verb that should be used with each pronoun.

Once you get used to thinking that voy, vas, va, vamos, vais, and van all mean “go” or “goes,” it is hard to remember that the infinitive is ir.

The verb ser means “to be.” Remember that although Table is full of little words, they are not endings; rather, they are the entire conjugated verb form.