Uses of the Exclamation Mark

Exclamation marks follow interjections and other expressions of strong feeling. They may also be used to lend force to a command.

What a mess!
The lights! The music! The dazzling costumes! My eyes and ears couldn't get enough of the spectacle.
Sit down and shut your mouth! Now!

An exclamation mark is particularly useful if you're writing dialogue because it shows the speaker's feeling behind a statement.

Exclamation marks with quotation marks

If the material being quoted is an exclamation, put the exclamation mark inside the quotation marks.

I hate you!” she screamed.
Baloney!” he said, storming out of the room.

If an exclamation includes a quotation that is not an exclamation, put the exclamation mark outside the quotation marks.

For the last time, stop calling me yourdarling little boy!

Exclamation marks with commas and periods

After an exclamation mark, omit a comma or a period.

You adorable thing!” he gushed.NOTYou adorable thing!,” he gushed.What a terrible way to end our trip!NOT What a terrible way to end our trip!.