What Are Idioms, Clichés, Jargon, Slang, and Euphemisms

As a writer, you must choose each word carefully. Unclear or careless language affects your ability to communicate. It is important for you to recognize words or expressions that weaken your message in order to avoid them in your writing.

Idioms are expressions that do not have a literal meaning; rather, they establish their connotation by how they are used in speech. Clichés are expressions that are so common and overused that they fail to impart any real impact on your sentence. Jargon is the specialized, often technical, language that is used by people in a particular field, profession, or social group. Slang is the informal language of conversation, text messages, and other casual social communication among friends. Euphemisms are milder words or phrases used to blunt the effect of more direct or unpleasant words or phrases. If you know when to use or avoid these expressions, your writing will be more effective.