The irregular verb vouloir is a shoe verb in the present tense. Vouloir means “to wish,” “to want,” or “will”:

  • je veux
  • nous voulons
  • tu veux
  • vous voulez
  • il veut
  • ils veulent

Vouloir is used:

In the present tense to express strong will

  • Il veut le faire. (He wants to do it or He will do it.)
  • Je ne veux pas te suivre. (I don't want to follow you or I won't follow you.)

In the passé composé to express “trying” or “refusal” to do something

  • Il a voulu le faire. (He tried to do it.)
  • Il n'a pas voulu le faire. (He refused to do it.)

In the conditional to express a wish or desire in a more courteous manner

  • Je voudrais t'accompagner. (I would like to go with you.)

In the imperative (command) form to express a polite command

  • Veuillez fermer la fenêtre. (Please shut the window [meaning: Would you shut the window?].)

Idiomatically in the expression vouloir bien, which means “to be good enough to” or “to be willing to”

  • Voulez‐vous bien m'aider? (Will you be good enough to help me? or Are you willing to help me?)