The verb falloir is used only in the third person singular ( il) form. It generally expresses necessity. Although falloir and devoir often express the same idea, falloir is the stronger of the verbs.

“I have to go to the bank” or “I must go to the bank” can be expressed in any of the following ways:

  • Je dois aller à la banque.

  • Il faut que j'aille à la banque.

  • Il me faut aller à la banque.

Falloir is used:

With the infinitive

  • Il faut arriver à l'heure. (It is necessary to arrive on time or One has to arrive on time or One must arrive on time.)

  • Il ne faudrait pas faire cela. (One shouldn't do that.)

With the infinitive and an indirect object

  • Il me faut étudier. (I have to study.)

  • Il lui fallait travailler. (He [she] had to work.)

With que followed by the subjunctive

  • Il faudra que je parte. (I will have to leave.)

To express need

  • Il me faudra beaucoup d'argent. (I'll need a lot of money.)