The Near Future

Events or actions that will take place in the immediate future may be expressed in the following manner:

By using the present:

  • Je te rappelle dans cinq minutes. (I'll call you back in five minutes.)

By using the conjugated form of the verb aller (je vais, tu vas, il va, nous allons, vous allez, ils vont) + an infinitive to express what the subject is going to do:

  • Je vais te téléphoner à huit heures. (I am going to call you at eight o'clock.)

In a negative sentence, put the negative expression around the conjugated form of aller:

  • Ils ne vont pas nous attendre. (They aren't going to wait for us.)
  • Je ne vais jamais fumer. (I'm never going to smoke.)

In an inverted question, invert the conjugated form of aller and the subject pronoun and join them with a hyphen:

  • Vas‐tu sortir ce soir? (Are you going out tonight?)
  • Vont‐ils aller au musée? (Are they going to go to the museum?)

To negate an inverted question, put the negative expression around the entire inverted form:

  • Ne vas‐tu jamais visiter la France? (Aren't you ever going to visit France?)