Consider the following questions and answers you'll need to be on top of the time.

  • Quelle heure est‐il? (What time is it?) Il est … (It is …)

  • À quelle heure … ? (At what time … ?) À … (At …)

Consult Table 9 to tell time correctly in French.

To express and understand time properly remember the following:

  • To express time after the hour, the number of minutes is added. Et (and) is used only with quart (quarter) and demi(e) (half).
  • Moins (less, minus) is used to express time before the hour.
  • Moins le is used before quart to express 15 minutes after the hour.
  • Because midi (noon) and minuit (midnight) are masculine, to say half past, use et demi, as in the following: J'arrive ` midi et demi. (I'm arriving at half past noon.)
  • In public announcements, such as timetables, the official twenty‐four‐hour system is commonly used, with midnight as the zero hour:
    • 16 h is 4:00 p.m.
    • 21 h 45 is 9:45 p.m.