Comparisons of Equality

Comparisons of equality show that two things are the same. The following formula works for adjectives and adverbs: aussi + adjective or adverb + que (as … as)

  • Elle est aussi jolie que sa sœur. (She is as pretty as her sister.)

  • Il travaille aussi dur que toi. (He works as hard as you.)

Si usually replaces aussi in the negative: Elles ne sont pas si malheureuse que ça. (They aren't all that unhappy.)

Use these formulas when the second element is a noun:

  • autant de + noun + que + noun/pronoun (as much/many … as)

  • Il a autant d'argent que moi. (He has as much money as I.)

  • autant que + noun/pronoun (as much/many … as)

  • Elle mange autant que son amie. (She eats as much as her friend.)