Comparative and Superlative Expressions

Use comparative and superlative expressions to speak more idiomatically:

faire de son mieux (to do one's best)

  • Je fais de mon mieux. (I do my best.)

le plus/moins possible (as much/little as possible)

  • Tu fais le plus/moins possible. (You do the most/least possible.)

le plus/le moins … possible (as … as possible)

  • Je marche le plus/le moins vite possible. (I walk as quickly/slowly as possible.)

de plus en plus (more and more)

  • Il devient de plus en plus nerveux. (He becomes more and more nervous.)

de moins en moins (less and less)

  • Nous nous inquiètons de moins en moins. (We worry less and less.)

de mieux en mieux (better and better)

  • Il lit de mieux en mieux. (He reads better and better.)

tant mieux/tant pis (so much the better/worse)

  • Tu pars lundi. (You're leaving Monday.) Tant mieux. (So much the better.)
  • Il a ratè son avion. (He missed his plane.) Tant pis. (Too bad.)