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CliffsNotes January 20, 2015


It’s Judgment Day. Well not actually, it’s just that time of year when you start to hear back from colleges. But man oh man can it feel like Judgment Day. The applications are filled out, the essays are written, the fees are paid, and the tears have been shed. Here’s our Cliffs Tips list for how to deal with hearing back from colleges.

CliffsNotes College Acceptance Blog Post 

1. Do not panic – no matter the decision awaiting you in that envelope or email – you will continue breathing regardless of the decision.

2. Before opening your acceptance or rejection letter, make sure you are in a place where you are comfortable to receive either elating or devastating news. In the middle of your school’s Friday night football game sitting next to your frenemy? Probably not a great idea.

3. Once you know the decision, have your reaction however you’d like. Want to shout from the rooftops that all of your dreams have come true? Go ahead. You want to smile to yourself and keep it a secret? That’s good too. Everyone’s reactions will differ.

4. If you are rejected from your dream school, it is completely understandable to be devastated. You do not have to downplay how upset you are. Once the news of the decision has settled, if you still feel as though said college is THE END ALL BE ALL FOR YOU, look into waitlist or other options. Transferring second semester is also a common thing to do.


***How To Keep Friends During College Acceptance Time***

This is a major part of college acceptance time – treat your friends and classmates how you would like to be treated during college acceptance discussions.

-If you are proud of the school you got into – own it. If you are genuinely excited, your friends and classmates will be genuinely excited for you.

-If you did not get into a school you wanted to, it’s okay to admit it. You shouldn’t disparage a school just because you were not accepted.

-Respect everyone’s choices, acceptances, and rejections.


The most important part: regardless of your acceptances, rejections, and waitlists, you are going to make it. Whichever college you end up at, you will attain a fantastic education, make friends, and discover the type of person you are or wish to be.

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