Game of Themes: Keeping Up with the Targaryens

CliffsNotes April 9, 2015


CliffsNotes Game of Thrones Targaryen

The Mother of Dragons and freer of slaves continues her journey through Slaver’s Bay, ready to take down whoever dares test her. She and her army free the slaves of Mereen and plan to move on, but decides to stay and rule in Slaver’s Bay and “do what queens do: rule”. Daenarys begins taking supplicants who force her to realize that her dragons are actually a danger and not just her sweet little babies. When a man comes forth with the charred bones of his child, Dany is forced to lock them up to save her people.

Daenarys also has some boy trouble. Daario Naharis gives her a bouquet of flowers and they totally make out, but then she finds out that Ser Jorah was one of Varys’s spies sent to kill her. She casts him out for his betrayal in complete dismay. She is left without him in Slaver’s Bay, looking towards Westeros for her claim to the Iron Throne.  

CliffsNotes Game of Thrones Daenarys Targaryen

Also important to note: Theon Greyjoy’s dissent into the pathetic, broken shell of a man, Reek. Roose Bolton’s bastard son, Ramsay Snow has painstakingly tortured Theon to use him for his own advancement. Reek/Theon tells Ramsay that he did not actually murder the youngest Stark boys, Bran and Rickon. Ramsay, attempting to secure the North after the fall of the Starks, is very interested in this information.

Ramsay also forces Reek to enter Moat Cailin as Theon Greyjoy to offer terms of surrender to the ironborn men holding the moat. Reek/Theon succeeds. Ramsay’s father is so pleased that he legitimizes Ramsay into House Bolton, meaning Ramsey will become Warden of the North after Roose. The fascination and terror of the Reek and Ramsey relationship is sure to continue in Season Five.

CliffsNotes Game of Thrones Theon Greyjoy

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