Halloween CliffsNotes to Read Before Watching the Movie

CliffsNotes October 27, 2014




It's the week of Halloween and there is no better time to pop on all of the Halloween movie classics. However, before you press play and consequently peek through your fingers for the rest of the movie, check out the CliffsNotes of these classic titles to see where the original stories came from! #HappyHalloween #HappyHauntedReading

1. Frankenstein: Enough said. This guy pops up in every monster movie ever made. Check out the original story.

2. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Read the CliffsNotes of the original story Polyjuice Potion – Jekyll transforms into the sociopath and murderer, Hyde.

3. Dracula: Similar to good ol’ Frank, Dracula pervades dozens and dozens of horror films and shows – read up on the original legend.

4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: This Swedish thriller is nothing short of electrifying and terrifying – the perfect Halloween combo.

5. In Cold Blood: This told-as-a-novel-but-actually-true-story tells the tale of a brutal real-life murder of a family in Kansas in the 1950’s.

6. Poe’s Short Stories: Poe is pretty much the Father of Doom and Gloom. Heart beating under the floorboards anyone? This collection is a must-read before seeing any (there are hundreds) Poe-inspired films and shows.

7. The Crucible: Salem witches infused with African voodoo and family drama? Yep, this is a good one.

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