Mockingjay Recap 2: Spinning, Spinning, Spinning

CliffsNotes November 13, 2014




Spinning, Spinning, Spinning

We’re wondering like Katniss is if District 13 is any better than the Capitol. Both of them are manipulating Katniss into doing what each wants.

Poor Peeta in Chapter 2. Katniss and others in the command center watch an interview of him aired by the Capitol. We have to wonder if he’s being manipulated by Snow to call for a ceasefire in the conflict. After all, a ceasefire would mean that Snow and the Capitol survive a little bit longer. Something smells rotten in Denmark—thanks, Hamlet—about the interview. He’s being manipulated as much as Katniss feels that she is.

Chapter 2 is also significant because Katniss chooses to be the Mockingjay. Before, her role was decided for her by those leading the rebel cause. When she was in the Quarter Quell arena, she didn’t even know about any kind of rebel plan. She was rescued so she could join the revolution but didn’t have a say about what the revolution would be. Now she chooses to be a part of it, which is pretty major because Katniss doesn’t take orders; she makes her own decisions.

We’ll take Katniss in the Katniss-versus-Coin battle. Coin wants Katniss to announce that she’ll be the Mockingjay? Fine, but Katniss gets to set the terms. Chapter 3 is all about Katniss’ terms, including Peeta being pardoned and Katniss’ I KILL SNOW ultimatum.

Sneaky President Coin throws in the rule that if Katniss doesn’t live up to being the Mockingjay, Katniss will suffer the consequences. Talk about mean in Chapter 4. And what’s the deal with Katniss’ former prep team, imprisoned, starved, and beaten in the bowels of District 13? Seriously, is Coin as bad as Snow or what?

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