Word of the Week: Behoove

CliffsNotes June 26, 2014


Word: BEHOOVE (v)

Meaning: to be necessary or proper

Synonyms: to be beneficial or profitable

Everyone should have this word in their vocabulary because c’mon, let’s be real. Who doesn’t love saying behoove? So learn a lil’ something about it, try it out in a sentence to your mom, and then unleash this gem on the world!

1. It would behoove you to run a mile every day in preparation for soccer tryouts.

2. Kindness and understanding behoove all relationships. (<-- that’s some pretty good advice too)

3. It behooves me to be nice to my mom because she cooks me dinner and does my laundry.

Woman running

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Now it’s your turn – behoove away!

Definitions provided by American Heritage Dictionary.

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