How to Savor Graduation

CliffsNotes June 24, 2014


You’ve practiced lining up, you’ve donned your tent-of-a-graduation gown, and that silly little cap is precariously perched atop your head. In other words, you’re ready to graduate.

It begins: speeches, speeches, hot stuffy gym (or perhaps sweating on the field), more speeches, baby cries, applause, nervous butterflies, walk across the stage and BOOM! You’ve just doggone graduated!


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All of that anticipation, and within mere hours it’s over. We get it – you’re feeling definitely accomplished but also a little rushed. Here are some ways to help you savor graduation.

1. Think about all the classes, tests, quizzes, and homework you’ve completed, passed, and even aced over the past four years. You know A LOT of stuff.

2. Find a classy frame for your diploma and display it proudly. It has fancy writing and everything! You worked hard for that degree so show it off.

3. Keep your tassel – it’s a subtle reminder in your room at home or perhaps your dorm room in the fall of all that you’ve accomplished.

4. Stay in touch with teachers and administrators that mean something to you. You’ve spent at least four years with these people – they’ve no doubt helped shape who you are.

5. Take lots and lots of graduation photos. You want to look at these when you graduate from college, to show your own kids when they graduate, or maybe just when you’re feeling nostalgic.

Congrats on graduating and savor the accomplishment!

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