Game of Themes

CliffsNotes July 15, 2014


Game of Thrones

We can all agree that Game of Thrones is amazing. The Song of Ice and Fire series is addictive, the HBO show is enthralling, and the characters are never far from our thoughts.

Here at CliffsNotes, we can’t help but notice that Game of Thrones is an incredible work of art and storytelling that deftly employs nearly every literary theme that can be found in Maester Aemon’s library and uses them to define its plot and characters.  Because of course it does.

What theme doesn’t George R. R. Martin use to tell his tale? Star-crossed lovers? Check. Familial duty? Check thrice times over. Morality, loyalty, bravery, feminism? Check, check, check, and check. Well, thanks to Ser Martin’s genius, we would like to introduce to you…THE GAME OF THEMES. 

Here on the CliffsBlog we’ll be looking at a theme from the show and, like a Taylor Swift song, tie it to past boyfriends, er, works of literature, to better examine the theme, its significance, and how it has been used before.

We hope you join us for the epic blog series that will not only fill the void in your heart during the Game of Thrones hiatus, but will also help you understand some of literature’s most prominent themes. Stay tuned! 

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