The Giver Recap 2: To Give or Receive?

CliffsNotes July 30, 2014



 CliffsNotes The Giver Top 5 Things to Know about Chapter Two

To Give or to Receive? – “The Receiver” is introduced, but we don’t know who this person is. Isn’t the novel named The Giver? Lowry didn’t title her novel The Receiver. Who is this yet-to-be-unmasked person? All we know so far is that The Receiver is the most important Elder. Stay tuned.

A Number by Any Other Name – In Jonas’ community, you’re born and become a number without a name until the annual December Ceremony for Ones through Twelves. And if you want a One for your family? You have to apply – the decision’s not yours. Every age through becoming a Twelve grants you more privileges, like getting a bike when you become a Nine. We’re thinking we’d like to be numbered 8675309. Ask Jenny.

The [Fore]Shadow Knows! – Jonas’ father, still unnamed, breaks the rules by telling Jonas and Jonas’ mother that the newchild he’s worried about has been named Gabriel – “Gabe.” Remember this little tyke; he’s likely to pop up again later on. We’re just happy that some rules CAN be broken in this stifling community. But beware Release.

Who Let the Dogs Out? – Absolutely no one. Jonas doesn’t even know what a real, live animal is. His sister, Lily, gets a “comfort object” to cuddle at night. Her cuddly stuffed elephant is called a “comfort object.” Jonas’ was a bear. Is there any love in this sterile community or what?

The Ceremony – This annual December Ceremony is looming large. A lot of conversation takes place between Jonas and his parents about it. For a Twelve, you’re assigned a role for the rest of your life. Seems pretty ominous to us…

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