The Giver Recap 7: It's Pain and Simple to Us

CliffsNotes August 7, 2014



It’s Pain and Simple to Us…

But not to Jonas’ community members. Not one of them has to experience the horrific pain contained within the memories that the Giver begins to pass to Jonas. And remember, Jonas doesn’t simply receive the memories; he feels the pain in the memories.

How would you like to receive pain as part of your job-training? We wouldn’t.

  • Watching helplessly as poachers brutally kill an elephant and then hack off its tusks
  • Taking a terrifying downhill sled ride, breaking your leg, and then back in reality having to limp home – and receive no pain meds
  • Lying wounded on a battlefield while watching men die excruciatingly painful deaths

You think Tris in Divergent has it bad? She should read these Chapters Thirteen through Fifteen.

It all begs the question (and makes us at CliffsNotes way, way more than a little mad), Why can’t the community share in these memories? Why must only one person – The Receiver – have to be the receptacle for all memory? Why must only one person experience devastating isolation and loneliness?

Correct Answer: Sameness

If everyone in the community had these memories, they’d be able to experience pain. They’d have to make personal decisions. They might make wrong choices. Sounds like reality to us.

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