The Giver Recap 5: Send Your Resume to Apply

CliffsNotes August 5, 2014



Receiver of Memory Job Posting…Send Résumé

We’re wondering what the perfect job application would be if a person wanted to apply to the post of The Receiver. In Chapter Eight, that’s pretty much what the Chief Elder tells Jonas that he submitted for the job. Oh wait, he was “selected,” not “assigned.” No résumé required.

Top 10 Requirements to Become a Receiver of Memory

- Don’t understand what or who the Receiver of Memory is

- Realize that the last new Receiver candidate chosen failed – apparently miserably

- Prepare yourself to be alone and apart from everything you’ve known

- Be intelligent

- Be courageous

- Have integrity

- Acquire wisdom

- Be willing to experience physical pain

- Have the Capacity to See Beyond

- Feel fear

Did we mention physical pain? Yep, we did. We’re not talking a scrape on the knee. We’re talking MAJOR physical pain, the kind that doesn’t sound fun to us.

The nice thing we guess is that one of the rules that Jonas receives in Chapter Nine and that no one else apparently knows about? “You may lie.” Wow. Talk about a world turned upside down. Not sure this is a good job to send a résumé in for.

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