Anatomy questions and answers in January 2023

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Custon— x I 1': ArlsePr X l a ASM1C X l 7\" Adobe! x l M Youron x (0') NewTab x l + V — X .\\ é a C' a"},{"questionId":"48318901","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48318901-Q1-Excitatory-pyramidal-cell-from-which-of-the-following-cortical/","questionTxt":"Q1  Excitatory pyramidal cell from which of the following cortical layers end their axons to other higher order areas of the cortex? 1 . layers 2/3 2. layers 7 3. layers 6 4. layers 5 5. layers  4 ?..."},{"questionId":"48318433","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48318433-Q1-Excitatory-pyramidal-cell-from-which-of-the-following-cortical/","questionTxt":"Q1  Excitatory pyramidal cell from which of the following cortical layers end their axons to other higher order areas of the cortex? 1 . layers 2/3 2. layers 7 3. layers 6 4. layers 5 5. layers  4 ?..."},{"questionId":"48315460","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48315460-Case-of-the-Double-Jointed-Athlete-History-of-Present-Illness-/","questionTxt":"Case of the Double Jointed Athlete History of Present Illness:  Marty Fanstrom, a 27 year old A&P student, has a genetic disease similar to one suffered by one of our past presidents. This disord..."},{"questionId":"48315128","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48315128-Explain-the-anatomical-concepts-associated-with-skeletal/","questionTxt":"Explain the  anatomical  concepts associated with skeletal muscles and joints. Summarize this module's key points in a few sentences. Explain the  physiological  concepts associated with skeletal..."},{"questionId":"48314602","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48314602--Isl-QuizAssign-X-n-Homeworkr-X-i-3-Using-thefOi-X-i-f/","questionTxt":" . Isl: Quiz:Assign X n Homeworkr X i 3 Using thefOi X i f; CustomerSe X i 1': Arise Portal X i ASM104 lC X i Y\" Adobe Creel X M Yourone-tin- x i + V — X é a C' a"},{"questionId":"48313682","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48313682--Isl-QuizAssign-X-n-Homeworkr-X-i-3-Using-thefOi-X-i-f/","questionTxt":" . Isl: Quiz:Assign X n Homeworkr X i 3 Using thefOi X i f; CustomerSe X i 1': Arise Portal X i ASM104 lC X i Y\" Adobe Creel X M Yourone-tin- x i + V — X é a C' a"},{"questionId":"48306911","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48306911-There-are-many-types-of-skin-disorders-including-but-not-limited/","questionTxt":"There are many types of skin disorders, including but not limited to bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, allergies, and genetic conditions.    I have chosen Rosacea as my skin disorder    1. ..."},{"questionId":"48306538","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48306538--TrueFalse-Mark-the-following-statements-as-true-T-or/","questionTxt":"   . True/False: Mark the following statements as true (T) or false (F). If the statement is false, correct it to make it a true statement. The endosteum contains osteoblasts and osteocytes. Osteocy..."},{"questionId":"48303375","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48303375-Choose-any-diseasedisorder-that-affects-one-of-the-human-organ/","questionTxt":"Choose any disease/disorder that affects one of the human organ systems.  Give a brief description of the disease.  Describe how this disease/disorder would affect an individual's life.   How does..."},{"questionId":"48303024","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48303024-Choose-any-diseasedisorder-that-affects-one-of-the-human-organ/","questionTxt":"Choose any disease/disorder that affects one of the human organ systems.  Give a brief description of the disease.  Describe how this disease/disorder would affect an individual's life.   How does..."},{"questionId":"48281672","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48281672-Read-the-article-provided-in-the-link-below-that-describes/","questionTxt":"Read the article provided in the link below that describes SDS-Page, then answer the questions below: Link: How SDS-PAGE Works (opens in a new Window) (Links to an external site.) Questions: What pro..."},{"questionId":"48278072","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48278072-An-ECG-tracing-from-someone-with-a-third-degree-AV-block-is-best/","questionTxt":"An ECG tracing from someone with a third-degree AV block is best described as a tracing with ______________________.   atrial depolarization and ventricular depolarization occurring 70-100 times per ..."},{"questionId":"48275482","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48275482-Discussion-Module-1-Critical-Thinking-The-signs-of-skin-aging/","questionTxt":"Discussion Module 1 Critical Thinking   \"The signs of skin aging are multiple and they accelerate if we do not take care of it from the beginning. It will be possible that the skin has memory.\"   Ac..."},{"questionId":"48273374","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48273374-In-the-summer-of-2014-a-Georgia-high-school-teen-died-after-a-day/","questionTxt":"In the summer of 2014, a Georgia high school teen died after a day of football practice. 17-year old Zyrees Oliver complained of cramping during practice and subsequently drank two gallons of water an..."},{"questionId":"48270472","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48270472-Which-of-the-following-is-not-on-the-anterior-surface-of-the-body/","questionTxt":"Which of the following is not on the anterior surface of the body? Group of answer choices patellar oral umbilical glutealWhich of the following is not on the anterior surface of the body? Group of an..."},{"questionId":"48265381","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48265381-Good-morning-Cathy-calls-Mel-as-Cathy-enters-his-butcher-shop/","questionTxt":"Good morning Cathy!\" calls Mel, as Cathy enters his butcher shop. Cathy smiles, and Mel notices that she has her cane with her today. It must be one of her bad days. She orders a beautiful brisket and..."},{"questionId":"48264938","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48264938-I-need-help-with-these-5-questions-thank-you-NO-EXPLANATION-JUST/","questionTxt":"I need help with these 5 questions, thank you. NO EXPLANATION, JUST ANSWERS PLEASE. A Moving to another question will save this response. Question 45 The serous membrane that lines the inner surface o..."},{"questionId":"48264901","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48264901-I-need-help-with-these-5-questions-thank-you-NO-EXPLANATION-JUST/","questionTxt":"I need help with these 5 questions, thank you. NO EXPLANATION, JUST ANSWERS PLEASE. Remaining Time: 54 minutes, 32 seconds. Question Completion Status: > A Moving to another question will save this..."},{"questionId":"48264877","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48264877-I-need-help-with-these-5-questions-thank-you-NO-EXPLANATION-JUST/","questionTxt":"I need help with these 5 questions, thank you. NO EXPLANATION, JUST ANSWERS PLEASE. Question Moving to another question will save this response. Question 31 Which enzyme is critical for forming complm..."},{"questionId":"48264805","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48264805-I-need-help-with-these-5-questions-thank-you-NO-EXPLANATION-JUST/","questionTxt":"I need help with these 5 questions, thank you. NO EXPLANATION, JUST ANSWERS PLEASE. Remaining Time: 55 minutes, 22 seconds. Question Completion Status: A Moving to another question will save this resp..."},{"questionId":"48264767","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48264767-I-need-help-with-these-5-questions-thank-you-NO-EXPLANATION-JUST/","questionTxt":"I need help with these 5 questions, thank you. NO EXPLANATION, JUST ANSWERS PLEASE. Remaining Time: 56 minutes, 14 seconds. Question Completion Status: A Moving to another question will save this resp..."},{"questionId":"48264735","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48264735-I-need-help-with-these-5-questions-thank-you-NO-EXPLANATION-JUST/","questionTxt":"I need help with these 5 questions, thank you. NO EXPLANATION, JUST ANSWERS PLEASE. Remaining Time: 56 minutes Question Completion Status: > A Moving to another question will save this response. Qu..."},{"questionId":"48264701","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48264701-I-need-help-with-these-5-questions-thank-you-NO-EXPLANATION-JUST/","questionTxt":"I need help with these 5 questions, thank you. NO EXPLANATION, JUST ANSWERS PLEASE. Remaining Time: 56 minutes, 41 seconds. Question Completion Status: > Moving to another question will save this r..."},{"questionId":"48264562","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48264562-I-need-help-with-these-5-questions-thank-you-NO-EXPLANATION-JUST/","questionTxt":"I need help with these 5 questions, thank you. NO EXPLANATION, JUST ANSWERS PLEASE. Moving to another question will save this resp Question 1 Surface tension in water is a result of O isotopic interac..."},{"questionId":"48264213","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48264213-There-are-biological-ie-brain-development-cognitive-ie/","questionTxt":"There are biological (i.e., brain development), cognitive (i.e., stages of cognitive thought such as reasoning), and social influences (i.e., the interpersonal relationships) that lead to an adolescen..."},{"questionId":"48263753","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48263753-I-need-help-with-this-question-please-explain-how-you-got-the/","questionTxt":"I need help with this question, please explain how you got the answer, doesn't have to be perfect sentences. thank you!  . QUESTION 1 For the homeostasis of our body temperature: a. Which type of fee..."},{"questionId":"48263234","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48263234-If-homeostasis-is-not-restored-does-step-1-starts-again-Why-or/","questionTxt":"If homeostasis is not restored, does step 1 starts again? Why or why not?        2) What happens to the steps if there is a pathology in the endocrine   system?   3) Can you think of reasons ..."},{"questionId":"48257705","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48257705-Classify-the-given-terms-or-examples-with-the-appropriate-category/","questionTxt":"Classify the given terms or examples with the appropriate category. Skin Gonads Kidneys Intestines Skeletal muscle  Coronary vessels Stomach                          Increased Flow at Re..."},{"questionId":"48246942","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48246942--The-chart-below-represents-typical-cell-ion-concentrations-To/","questionTxt":" . The chart below represents typical cell ion concentrations. To the right is an image of a cell and the location where we typically find the higher concentration of the ions listed. More important ..."},{"questionId":"48240995","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48240995--Match-the-blood-disorder-to-the-description-19/","questionTxt":" . Match the blood disorder to the description. 19. Iron-deficiency anemia b. Body lacks iron which causes red 20. Sickle cell anemia blood cells to not carry oxygen 21 . Leukemia sufficiently 22. He..."},{"questionId":"48234973","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48234973-Mary-is-scheduled-for-knee-surgery-this-morning-and-was-told-not-to/","questionTxt":"Mary is scheduled for knee surgery this morning and was told not to take aspirin but she did anyway and didn't tell the surgeon worried he would postpone. Discuss the possible complications using hemo..."},{"questionId":"48231401","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48231401-Pease-would-you-help-answering-these-questions-please-Question/","questionTxt":"Pease would you help answering these questions please!   Question 1: What is a \"Rose Hip Neuron\"? Explain what it is (include possible function, location, etc.) and the significance of the discovery...."},{"questionId":"48223349","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48223349-All-formed-elements-originate-from-a-multipotent-hematopoietic-stem/","questionTxt":"All formed elements originate from a multipotent hematopoietic stem cell in the bone marrow. What are the 2 possible daughter cells that can be produced when this stem cell divides? What determines wh..."},{"questionId":"48219499","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48219499--Case-Study-Thermoregulation-Modified-from-Tom-Cappaert/","questionTxt":" . Case Study — Thermoregulation Modified from: Tom Cappaert, Department of Physical Education 8: Sport, Central Michigan University Part I As Joel drove through the mountains and forests of Canada..."},{"questionId":"48216329","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48216329-Mark-died-by-suicide-after-placing-a-shotgun-in-his-mouth-and/","questionTxt":"Mark died by suicide after placing a shotgun in his mouth and pulling the trigger.  The resulting damage to his cranium and face is severe, with bones shattered and disarticulated into approximately ..."},{"questionId":"48216044","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48216044-Which-of-the-following-is-a-function-of-Helper-T-cells-A/","questionTxt":"Which of the following is a function of Helper T-cells?   A) Activate both Cytotoxic T-cells and B-cells   B) Kill pathogens via cell-to-cell immunity   C) Kill pathogens via antibody mediated immu..."},{"questionId":"48206112","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48206112-Topic-Discussion-Endocrine-DiseaseDisorder-Topics-will-be-worth-15/","questionTxt":"Topic Discussion-Endocrine Disease/Disorder Topics will be worth 15 points each. You will need to find a peer reviewed journal research article or case study relating to the topic .  for help.  BRIE..."},{"questionId":"48198991","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48198991-I-need-to-discuss-what-is-learned-from-this-post-below-and-how-to/","questionTxt":"I need to discuss what is learned from this post below and how to personally apply it to a medical setting.     When it comes to diagnosis, I believe it is not always easy. For example, it may be ha..."},{"questionId":"48195353","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48195353-Choose-a-skeletal-structure-organ-or-tissue-and-Discuss-how-it/","questionTxt":"Choose a skeletal structure, organ or tissue and:  Discuss how it is \"built\", what it is composed of and how the parts are arranged. Describe at least two of its functions and explain why it is well-..."},{"questionId":"48195239","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48195239-A-fellow-exercise-scientist-has-heard-that-a-leg-extension-exercise/","questionTxt":"A fellow exercise scientist has heard that a leg extension exercise (which involves only extension of the knee joint whilst in a sitting position) is more effective at targeting the rectus femoris tha..."},{"questionId":"48194467","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48194467-For-the-movement-outlined-below-give-an-example-of-true-synergy-and/","questionTxt":"For the movement outlined below give an example of true synergy and explain why this true synergy occurs.  Movement:  Standing calf raise (plantarflexion of the ankle) with the knee remaining in a p..."},{"questionId":"48189452","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48189452-Complete-each-statement-with-the-correct-term-1-The-liquid-part/","questionTxt":"(Complete each statement with the correct term) 1. The liquid part of the blood is called ________. 2. Three important plasma proteins are ________, ________, and ________. 3. Blood plasma without the..."},{"questionId":"48186692","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48186692-There-have-been-many-investigative-tv-shows-and-magazine-articles/","questionTxt":"There have been many investigative tv shows and magazine articles that have examined the number of bacteria in different areas and it is quite scary that everything we touch is teeming with bacterial ..."},{"questionId":"48175697","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48175697--Identify-each-of-the-following-epithelial-tissue-from-their/","questionTxt":" . Identify each of the following epithelial tissue from their functional description. epithelium can function in diffusion. filtration: secretion and protection based on location. Pseudostratified..."},{"questionId":"48174732","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48174732--a-Identify-the-cutaneous-gland-labeled-1-2-and-3-respectively/","questionTxt":"  a) Identify the cutaneous gland labeled 1, 2 and 3 respectively. b)Use this picture to carefully examine the structure of the apocrine and sebaceous gland ducts. Which of the following statements i..."},{"questionId":"48172691","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48172691-Correctly-identify-this-tissue-type-and-label-features-of-the/","questionTxt":"Correctly identify this tissue type and label features of the tissue.    . Squamous Stratified Nucleus of Cuboidal Basement Simple Simple squamous epithelial cells smooth muscle epithelial cells mem..."},{"questionId":"48172360","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48172360--Correctly-identify-this-tissue-type-and-then-label-the-features/","questionTxt":" . Correctly identify this tissue type and then label the features of the tissue. Simple columnar Goblet cell Stratified columnar epithelium epithelium Brush border (microvilli) Ciliated pseudostrati..."},{"questionId":"48171121","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48171121-Pick-an-endocrine-system-disorder-then-discuss-it-with-the/","questionTxt":"Pick an endocrine system disorder, then discuss it, with the following in mind: Very briefly: major causes, signs, symptoms What hormone is affected by this disease? Is the hormone level too high or t..."},{"questionId":"48166762","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48166762-Read-and-answer-the-questions-below-1-Prior-to/","questionTxt":"Read and answer the questions below          1. Prior to lighting the bunsen burner, what should you do?       a. Put on PPE       b. Pull hair back in a ponytail holder       c. Remove ..."},{"questionId":"48165909","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48165909-Place-a-single-word-into-each-sentence-to-make-it-correct-/","questionTxt":"Place a single word into each sentence to make it correct.    . nuclei Epithelial tissue can be according to cell shape and number of layers. oblique One layer of cells is called and more than one l..."},{"questionId":"48164801","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48164801-After-one-cycle-of-the-feedback-loop-has-finished-the-hormones/","questionTxt":"After one cycle of the feedback loop has finished, the hormone's concentration is 24 mg/dL. How many additional cycles of the feedback loop would be needed to return the hormone's concentration to hom..."},{"questionId":"48157153","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48157153-How-would-you-define-critical-thinking-Explain-why-the-scientific/","questionTxt":"How would you define critical thinking ? Explain why the scientific method and critical thinking are important tools for solving problems? The COVID-19 pandemic impacted our day-to-day lives more than..."},{"questionId":"48155044","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48155044-HOW-CAN-I-LABEL-THIS-Sagittal-View/","questionTxt":"HOW CAN I LABEL THIS?                    . Sagittal View 1 (Repaired) - Word 0 X File Home Insert Design Layout References Mailings Review View Acrobat Tell me what you want to do. Downs, Da..."},{"questionId":"48142873","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48142873-Please-use-THREE-sentences-to-answer-following-question-The/","questionTxt":"Please use THREE sentences to answer following question: The interaction of muscles and joints or structures result in the functions we evaluate and treat.  Explain the actions & interactions of ..."},{"questionId":"48139306","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48139306-Hi-can-someone-help-me-out-Instructions-1-Select-a-plant/","questionTxt":"Hi can someone help me out    Instructions   1. Select a plant that has active chemicals that are considered narcotic, and/or can produce particular psychoactive effects in humans (marijuana is an ..."},{"questionId":"48103946","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48103946-Read-and-answer-the-question-below-Blood-Typing-There-are-other/","questionTxt":"Read and answer the question below  Blood Typing There are other systems of blood typing other than the ABO system we most commonly use. Research two and explain those systems and why you think they ..."},{"questionId":"48101318","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48101318-What-are-the-antigens-antibodies-and-blood-types-that-can-be/","questionTxt":"What are the antigens, antibodies, and blood types that can be donated or received from these blood types?. Blood Type Antigens Present Antibodies present Can donate to Can receive from A+ A- B+ B- AB..."},{"questionId":"48099264","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48099264-Q1-Case-1-A-36-year-old-female-is-experiencing-the-following/","questionTxt":"Q1. Case 1 A 36 year old female is experiencing the following: Complains of feeling hot all the time Losing weight without trying, chronic diarrhea Always feels on edge, nervous Heart frequently feels..."},{"questionId":"48098788","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48098788-When-treating-disease-what-treatment-approaches-do-you-think-you/","questionTxt":"When treating disease, what treatment approaches do you think you are most likely to use and why?. Page < 1 of 4 ZOOM + 3 Treating a Disease Objectives In this chapter we will study . strategies fo..."},{"questionId":"48098254","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48098254-1-Discuss-5-aspects-of-diagnosing-disease-and-how-you-will-apply/","questionTxt":"1. Discuss 5 aspects of diagnosing disease and how you will apply them in your future career.  . 2 Diagnosing a Disease Objectives In this chapter we will study I the thought process and procedures i..."},{"questionId":"48058719","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48058719-read-the-article-on-Sri-Lanka-Once-you-have-read-the-content-in/","questionTxt":"read the article on Sri Lanka Once you have read the content, in one full paragraph, tell me (in three sentences minimum) one specific thing that you learned from the article. In the second  paragrap..."},{"questionId":"48053741","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48053741-What-is-substantive-response-of-the-statement-below-In-this/","questionTxt":"What is substantive response of the statement below?   In this article I found that the author described in sufficient detail the importance of and the role that too much or too little cortisol plays..."},{"questionId":"48051808","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48051808-In-the-activity-below-drag-the-corresponding-nucleotide-components/","questionTxt":"In the activity below, drag the corresponding nucleotide components to the correct category. Remember, DNA and RNA contain some of the same components so you will need to drag some of the components t..."},{"questionId":"48046141","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48046141-Describe-a-recent-piece-of-scientific-knowledgeevidence-that-has/","questionTxt":"Describe a recent piece of scientific knowledge/evidence that has currently \"changed\" (There's plenty of it out there lately), that has created concern over the validity of science for yourself, someo..."},{"questionId":"48044601","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48044601-I-have-a-question-on-usage-of-buffers-and-H-concentration-How/","questionTxt":"I have a question on usage of buffers and H+ concentration. How does the bicarbonate buffer system work on this equation? I don't get the reversible reactions when using the system and how it can work..."},{"questionId":"48035842","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48035842-I-need-help-with-these-questions-QUESTION-2/","questionTxt":"I need help with these questions.              . QUESTION 2 means that when a slide have been properly focused at a lower magnification, it should still be nearly in focus at higher magnificati..."},{"questionId":"48033657","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48033657-Draw-Epithelial-TissuesInstructions-Using-this-files/","questionTxt":"Draw Epithelial Tissues:Instructions Using this files: U..."},{"questionId":"48032311","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48032311-the-2th-question-Here-is-my-blood-typing-scenario-B-B-B-A-A/","questionTxt":"the 2th question   . Here is my blood typing scenario: B B B A A A Rh Rh Rh Mom Dad Baby o Moms phenotype: B- / Possible genotypes: B- - o Dads phenotype: O- / Possible genotypes: OO o Baby's phenot..."},{"questionId":"48028591","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48028591--CO-CCCTI-2023SP-BIO-169-620-Cha-x-Chapter-18-Assignmentpdf/","questionTxt":"   . CO CCCTI-2023SP-BIO-169-620: Cha x Chapter 18 Assignment.pdf X + X < -> C a E Chapter 18 Assignment...."},{"questionId":"48028200","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48028200-Choose-one-organ-of-your-choosing-eg-brain-heart-liver-and/","questionTxt":"Choose one organ of your choosing (e.g. brain, heart, liver) and find at least three different sections (coronal, superior, cross-section, etc.) of the organ on the web. Upload and label the three ima..."},{"questionId":"48028195","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48028195-Imagine-you-have-survived-a-plane-crash-in-a-geographical-location/","questionTxt":"Imagine you have survived a plane crash in a geographical location of your choosing (choose a real location on the globe). Describe two components that the human body would have to maintain in homeost..."},{"questionId":"48024618","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48024618-hello-can-you-help-me-with-this-Cells-1-Search-for-images-of/","questionTxt":"hello, can you help me with this ? Cells 1. Search for images of the animal cell and plant cell 2. Identify their parts 3. Function of each of the organelles 4. Difference between each of the cells th..."},{"questionId":"48019859","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48019859-Research-a-disease-that-may-result-from-malfunctioning-accessory/","questionTxt":"Research a disease that may result from malfunctioning accessory cells (Neuroglia) of the nervous system. Make a brief description of the disease, the cells it affects, and how it affects the patient ..."},{"questionId":"48019173","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48019173-Health-promotion-developmental-milestones-and-anticipatory/","questionTxt":"Health promotion, developmental milestones, and anticipatory guidance are challenging for all clients - especially pediatric clients. Furthermore, during acute care encounters, these issues are often ..."},{"questionId":"48014293","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48014293-Choose-a-bone-of-the-axial-skeleton-table-that-has-at-least-3/","questionTxt":"Choose a bone of the axial skeleton table that has at least 3 landmarks that have to be memorized. Find an unlabeled image online (perhaps with numbers or letters)  or draw one, and prepare a \"key\" f..."},{"questionId":"48014152","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48014152-Assume-you-have-a-1-salt-solution-in-3-different-beakers-In/","questionTxt":"Assume you have a 1% salt solution in 3 different beakers. In beaker one, you place a dialysis bag with just water in it.  In beaker two, you place a dialysis bag with a 1% salt solution in it. In be..."},{"questionId":"48006621","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48006621--26-Chapter-2-The-Chemical-Level-of-Organization-L1/","questionTxt":" . 26 Chapter 2 The Chemical Level of Organization [L1] DRAWING/ILLUSTRATION LABELING: Identify each numbered structure by labeling the following figures: OBJ. 1 FIGURE 2-1 Diagram of an Atom 2 (Area..."},{"questionId":"48002974","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/48002974--CORONAL-SECTION-Label-the-following-structures-Right-Atrium/","questionTxt":" . CORONAL SECTION Label the following structures: Right Atrium Left Atrium Right Ventricle N Left Ventricle Bicuspid/Mitral AV valve A. Tricuspid AV valve Chordae tendinae 5. 10. Papillary muscles 6..."},{"questionId":"47996251","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47996251--Hi-can-someone-help-me-to-answer-my-assignment-All-the-details/","questionTxt":"  Hi can someone help me to answer my assignment. All the details and question is there. Please and thank you          . Instructions 1. Select a plant that has active chemicals that are conside..."},{"questionId":"47992011","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47992011-answer-these-questions-below-1-Which-hormone-released-by-the/","questionTxt":"answer these questions below   1. Which hormone released by the pituitary would cause a person to feel more stressed if it was inhibited?    2. What hormone is antagonistic to parathyroid hormone??..."},{"questionId":"47991855","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47991855-Growing-Up-Read-the-following-article-to-answer-the-following/","questionTxt":"Growing Up Read the following article to answer the following questions:   Some people say maturing faster would be a good thin..."},{"questionId":"47989327","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47989327-The-endocrine-system-plays-an-essential-role-in-maintaining/","questionTxt":"The endocrine system plays an essential role in maintaining homeostasis and interacts with body organs and systems to coordinate body functions. For this assignment option, identify a factor or situat..."},{"questionId":"47988786","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47988786-For-this-discussion-read-the-following-required-article-Cortisol/","questionTxt":"For this discussion, read the following required article: Cortisol Level Dysregulation and Its Prevalence - Is It Nature's Alarm Clock?  After reading the article, describe the importance and functio..."},{"questionId":"47987589","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47987589--Chrome-File-e-Edit-View-History-Bookmarks-Profiles-Tab-Window/","questionTxt":" . Chrome File e Edit View History Bookmarks Profiles Tab Window Help Q Wed Jan 18 1:24 PM . . . Quiz: 202-10 Homework -> C"},{"questionId":"47987570","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47987570--Chrome-File-e-Edit-View-History-Bookmarks-Profiles-Tab-Window/","questionTxt":" . Chrome File e Edit View History Bookmarks Profiles Tab Window Help Q Wed Jan 18 1:24 PM . . . Quiz: 202-10 Homework -> C"},{"questionId":"47987457","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47987457--Chrome-File-Edit-View-History-Bookmarks-Profiles-Tab-Window/","questionTxt":" . Chrome File Edit View History Bookmarks Profiles Tab Window Help Q Wed Jan 18 1:18 PM m Quiz: 202-10 Homework C 2022 O AY 202300 D Quest..."},{"questionId":"47976733","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47976733--37-What-region-of-the-spine-is-this-38-How-do-you-know-the/","questionTxt":" . 37. What region of the spine is this? 38. How do you know the region of this structure? 39. What joint space do you visualize in this image? 40. I have placed 2 lines over the area of the joint sp..."},{"questionId":"47975543","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47975543-As-part-of-this-course-we-will-be-discussing-the-material-covered/","questionTxt":"As part of this course we will be discussing the material covered in Ch. 18 - The Endocrine System and apply it to your everyday life. Let's begin. 1. Describe how negative and positive feedback mecha..."},{"questionId":"47972470","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47972470-QUESTION-1-Bedsores-most-often-develop-on-skin-that-covers-bony/","questionTxt":"QUESTION 1 Bedsores most often develop on skin that covers bony areas of the body, such as the heels, ankles, hips, and tailbone. These area lack which of the following type of insulating and cushioni..."},{"questionId":"47967220","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47967220-There-are-many-different-causes-of-anemia-Please-choose-ONE/","questionTxt":"There are many different causes of anemia.  Please choose ONE specific type of anemia and describe the following: Etiology (cause of disease) Signs and symptoms Blood tests (labs) that would diagnose..."},{"questionId":"47931857","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47931857-Gabe-has-been-suffering-ever-since-he-was-bitten-by-a-small-tick/","questionTxt":"Gabe has been suffering ever since he was bitten by a small tick. His doctor suspects he may have Lyme disease. What test would they order to confirm this diagnosis? Prothrombin time red blood cell mo..."},{"questionId":"47909901","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47909901-Watch-this-TED-Talk-and-share-your-thoughts-What-role-do-you/","questionTxt":"Watch this TED Talk and share your thoughts.  What role do you think chemical messengers like Pheromones play in your behavior and day-to-day life?  Where do you stand on the \"nature vs nurture\" deb..."},{"questionId":"47908040","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47908040-no-work-needed-please-answer-asap-1-When-thisese-muscles/","questionTxt":"no work needed. please answer asap   1) When this(ese) muscle(s) of the male reproductive system contracts, the scrotal sac tenses and moves superiorly.  This occurs in cold weather and also when th..."},{"questionId":"47908019","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47908019-1-Nerve-conduction-problems-to-muscles-that-move-the-foot-at-the/","questionTxt":"1) Nerve conduction problems to muscles that move the foot at the ankle might be traced back to this(ese) nerve(s). C and D C - femoral nerve A and B B - obturator nerve A - superior gluteal nerve D -..."},{"questionId":"47907987","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47907987-no-work-needed-please-answer-asap-1-This-system-of-the-body-would/","questionTxt":"no work needed. please answer asap 1) This system of the body would have the the least affect on fluids in the body of a 7 year old girl. a- lymphatic b- integumentary c- cardiovascular d- reproductiv..."},{"questionId":"47907697","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47907697-no-work-needed-please-answer-asap-1-The-urinary-system-does/","questionTxt":"no work needed. please answer asap   1) The urinary system does all of the following except: a- helps to stabilize blood pH b- eliminates metabolic waste c- regulates plasma ion concentrations d- abs..."},{"questionId":"47907663","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47907663-no-work-needed-please-answer-asap-1-Sperm-development-requires/","questionTxt":"no work needed. please answer asap   1) Sperm development requires a temperature of approximately 89.6 o F, which is why the testicles are \"outside\" of the body. a- true b- false   2) Females have a..."},{"questionId":"47907476","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47907476-1-Each-trimester-of-a-pregnancy-lasts-approximately-/","questionTxt":"1) Each trimester of a pregnancy lasts approximately __________ months. a- two b- three c- four d- five   2) The lines in the palm that crease when the thumb opposes the other digits are an example o..."},{"questionId":"47899120","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47899120-I-need-this-as-soon-as-possible-3-How-would-you-make-a-1/","questionTxt":"I need this as soon as possible   3. How would you make a 1% solution of glucose? (0.5 points) 4. How would you make a 10% bleach solution? (0.5 points)      . Percent and Molar Solution HW fall 2..."},{"questionId":"47890056","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47890056-1-Which-is-true-concerning-an-athletic-trainer-aThey-are/","questionTxt":"1. Which is true concerning an athletic trainer? a.They are intimately involved from the time of initial injury, through rehabilitation & return to play.     b.Receive certification from at leas..."},{"questionId":"47877653","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47877653-Name-the-following-motivational-models-A-Which-motivational/","questionTxt":"Name the following motivational models.    A- Which motivational model suggests a functional relationship between emotions and optimal performance?    B- Which motivational theory of arousal consi..."},{"questionId":"47818669","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47818669-Read-the-Drosophila-Manual-posted-to-the-Moodle-page-for-this/","questionTxt":"Read the Drosophila Manual, posted to the Moodle page for this week.   Give 5 key points/items from the manual about the content (aka biology/genetics of Drosophila )   Provide 5 key points/items fr..."},{"questionId":"47805992","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47805992-Patient-Scenario-1-Abbreviation-Meaning-of-Abbreviation/","questionTxt":"Patient Scenario #1: Abbreviation: Meaning of Abbreviation: Abbreviation: Meaning of Abbreviation: s/p L THA POD #3 A&O x4 VS WNL PCA ortho PO JP drain   c/o UA/UC UTI abx C&S PPM ICD HOH d/c..."},{"questionId":"47786309","questionUrl":"/tutors-problems/Anatomy/47786309-Explain-the-difference-between-fat-soluble-and-water-soluble/","questionTxt":"Explain the difference between fat soluble and water soluble hormones and their sub classifications. Include examples of each in your explanation. Explain how the different classes of hormones interac..."}]}}}