Summary and Analysis Chapter 7



Catherine remains at Thrushcross Grange for five weeks. During her stay, Mrs. Linton works with her, transforming the wild girl into a young lady. When Catherine returns to Wuthering Heights, she is barely recognizable. Hindley, treating Heathcliff as a servant, allows Catherine's playmate to step forward to greet her when she arrives. Catherine kisses Heathcliff, but while doing so, she comments upon his dirty appearance and compares him unfavorably to Edgar. Heathcliff is hurt by the changes in his friend's appearance and attitude.

Hindley invites the Lintons to dinner the following day, and they agree to visit, on the condition that the Linton children will not have to encounter Heathcliff. Hindley agrees to this condition, although Nelly convinces Heathcliff to make himself presentable. As the Lintons arrive, Hindley banishes Heathcliff to the kitchen. Edgar makes what Heathcliff considers an insulting comment about his appearance, and he throws hot applesauce in Edgar's face. Hindley has Heathcliff locked in the attic until dinner is over.

Catherine blames Edgar for getting Heathcliff in trouble, and after dinner, while the others are listening to music and dancing, she sneaks away to visit Heathcliff. Nelly ends up permitting Heathcliff to go into the kitchen for a bite to eat. While eating, Heathcliff tells Nelly that he is plotting revenge against Hindley.


When Catherine returns to Wuthering Heights, the outward changes are readily apparent. Her demeanor toward Heathcliff is both understandable and expected; now, for the first time, she recognizes the differences in social standing. It is important to remember that differences in social class were constantly recognized and that the Lintons had more social standing than the Earnshaws.

Nelly presents Heathcliff in a most-sympathetic light, taking his side and encouraging him to clean himself up. When things do not turn out as planned, the resulting situation sets up the conflicts between Heathcliff and Hindley and between Heathcliff and Edgar that will permeate the rest of Wuthering Heights. For the first time, Heathcliff mentions his desire for revenge.


mire deep mud.

discomfiture uneasiness.

dusky somewhat dark in color.

morrow the next day.

cant lass bold girl.

impertinence lack of proper respect or manners.

tureen a large, deep serving dish with a lid.

prognosticate to foretell or predict.

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