Summary and Analysis Chapter 30



This chapter is the end of Nelly's narrative: Zillah now serves as Nelly's source of information about Cathy. Following Heathcliff's orders, Zillah refused to help Cathy when she first came to Wuthering Heights; Hareton was not able to do anything for her, either. Until the day Linton dies, Cathy tends to him herself. After his death, Cathy is not willing to let Zillah or Hareton be nice to her. At the end of the chapter, Lockwood, who is recuperated, informs Nelly that Heathcliff may look for another tenant for the Grange.


The end of Nelly's primary narrative brings the story full circle to Chapter 1, when Lockwood first visited the Heights. Because of the cold reception she received after her father's death (per Heathcliff's instructions), Cathy is not friendly with either Zillah or Hareton; however, an attraction between Cathy and Hareton obviously exists: He offers her food and a seat by the fire, and she allows him to help her retrieve books that are out of reach. Neither one wants to admit having even a passing interest in the other, but both remember their friendly first meeting.

Heathcliff wants to prevent any friendship from developing between Hareton and Cathy because Hindley destroyed the relationship between Catherine and Heathcliff. Because he is miserable, he tries to ensure that no one else is happy.


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farthing former small British coin equal to one fourth of a penny.

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